Cisco CUBE Smart Licensing

Starting with IOS 16.10, Cisco requires Smart Licensing registration for Cisco CUBE. Failure to register the device with a Smart Licensing token will result in the evaluation period expiring and CUBE rejecting all inbound and outbound calls traversing the system.

To register CUBE with your Smart Licensing account, create a token as you would any other system, then copy the token and login to CUBE to execute the following commands (ignore comment lines beginning with !–):

!-- bind http to a specific interface
ip http client source-interface GigabitEthernet0/0/0

!-- add the smart license token
license smart register id_token <token ID pasted>

To ensure CUBE and Smart licensing accurately calculate license usage in relation to entitlements, configure the CUBE license capacities.

!-- activate the cube featureset
voice service voip
mode border-element

Verify the CUBE registration status with the following command:

show license status

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