CCX Scripting Series – “Are you still there?”

Ever notice after hearing your professionally (or casually) recorded menu prompt, a nagging system voice asks “Are you still there?”. This happens because, by default, the menu prompt step in the CCX script editor is set to repeat the prompt after expiration of a 3 second timeout. The system will repeat the menu prompt, and subsequent nagging presence question 3 times, again by default.


Setting the Maximum Retries to 0 (zero) will eliminate the nagging system prompt, but now the system won’t repeat the menu options when no input is received from the caller. ┬áTo resolve this, add a loop counter using an If step to evaluate the number of loops allowed before breaking out of the loop when the maximum number of loops occurs. This is easy to fix in just a couple of minutes. You’ll need the following variables:

  • int variable to store current loop count
  • increment step to increment loop count after repeating the menu prompt
  • int variable to store max number of loops
  • If step to evaluate loop counts against maximum loops allowed
  • Label step for target of breaking out of the loop
  • Goto step to breakout of the loop when max loop count is hit