CCX Scripting Series – Reactive Debugging

Reactive debugging is useful in troubleshooting failures or unexpected behaviors within an application script. Reactive debugging allows you to review step by step processing of the script and assess the data captured into script variables.

There are several issues that would cause a script to fail to load (i.e. default script triggered) which subsequently could cause reactive debugging to fail to initiate, such as a script step being unconfigured, or a missing subflow script (e.g. incorrect name, or absent from the script repository).

Here’s a brief video demonstration (no audio) of reactively debugging a script. Basically, login to the script editor and initiate a reactive debug by selecting the script you want to debug and a timer duration to define how long the system should listen for an inbound call to debug. Once the system is waiting for a call, place a call to the trigger and start the debug.