Unity Connection Mailbox Quotas

Unity Connection Mailbox Quota

Unity Connection calculates mailbox quotas in terms of disk usage as opposed to storage/recording time.  In terms of disk space, a g.711 message consume approximately 480K of disk space.  Here’s a chart that calculates the amount of space needed for different mailbox capacities.

It’s important to note that storage allocations include not just messages, but also the user’s recorded name and all greetings the user has recorded.  To take this into account, most of the usage calculations below have been rounded up to accommodate storage needed for recorded names and greetings.


Storage Time Disk Usage
1 minute .5 MB
5 minutes 2.5MB
10 minutes 5 MB
15 minutes 7.5 MB
20 minutes 10 MB
30 minutes 15 MB
45 minutes 22 MB
60 minutes 29 MB
75 minutes 36 MB
90 minutes 43 MB