Converting prompt files for UCCx

Cisco Contact Center Express (CCX) server has very strict requirements for audio prompt format. Unlike Communications Manager, which converts prompts automatically during upload, you must convert prompt files to the correct format before uploading the prompts to the CCx server.

There are a couple of different methods generating prompts in the correct format, such as uploading or recording the prompts on a Unity/Unity Connection system, or by using a prompt recording script application on the CCX server itself. Either of these methods will record the prompt in the correct format so all you will need to do is get a copy of the prompt to the appropriate prompt directory on the CCX server.

What should you do if you receive a prompt from a voice recording company? Well, you could paste the file into a Unity/Unity Connection mailbox greeting to have it converted, or you could use the Sound Recorder application in Windows XP to convert the file to the correct format. I’ve outlined the conversion process using Sound Recorder below.

1. Find a Windows XP machine. Sound Recorder isn’t available on Windows 7.

2. Run Sound Recorder from Start >>> Programs >>> Accessories >>> Entertainment >>> Sound Recorder and open the .wav file to be converted.

3.  Select File >>> Properties to modify the format of the prompt file for conversion.

4.  Click the Convert Now button for conversion options.

5. The prompt in the format below.   To convert the prompt to this format, select CCITT u-Law from the Format menu and 8.000 kHz, 8 Bit, Mono from the Attributes menu.  Click OK.

  • Audio sample size: 8 bit
  • Channels: 1 (mono)
  • Audio sample rate: 8 kHz
  • Audio format: CCITT u-Law

6.  Verify the new prompt format and attributes are reflected in the Properties window.  Click OK to apply the conversion settings.

7.  Click File >>> Save As to save a copy of the prompt in the converted format.  Locate the new file and upload it to your CCX server.