Downloading MOH files from UCM 5/6/7/8+

With the current versions of Communications Manager systems being linux appliances, admins no longer have direct access to the filesystem to copy files such as background images or music on hold source files. These files can be downloaded to an SFTP server via the command line using the procedure outlined below.

admin:file list activelog mohprep/*
CiscoMOHSourceReport.xml SampleAudioSource.alaw.wav
SampleAudioSource.g729.wav SampleAudioSource.ulaw.wav
SampleAudioSource.wb.wav SampleAudioSource.xml
SilenceAudioSource.alaw.wav SilenceAudioSource.g729.wav
SilenceAudioSource.ulaw.wav SilenceAudioSource.wb.wav

dir count = 0, file count = 11

admin:file get activelog mohprep/SampleAudioSource.ulaw.wav
Please wait while the system is gathering files info ...done.
Sub-directories were not traversed.
Number of files affected: 1
Total size in Bytes: 2702728
Total size in Kbytes: 2639.3828
Would you like to proceed [y/n]? y
SFTP server IP:
SFTP server port [22]:
User ID: sftpuser
Password: ********

Download directory: /

Transfer completed.