Common UCM 6/7/8 CLI Commands

Here are some commands that I use fairly often on Communications Manager 6/7/8.

List status of system services:
utils service list page

show network settings:
show network eth0

show version, license mac and system utilization:
show status

show list of license filenames:
file list license *

delete license file:
file delete license [license filename]

shutdown the system
utils system shutdown

restart the system:
utils system restart

restart to new version:
utils system switch-version

configure dns server(s):
set network dns primary [dns server ip address]
set network dns secondary [dns server ip address]

configure system domain name:
set network domain [domain name]

check status of ntp servers:
utils ntp status

check version running on active partition:
show version active

check version installed on inactive partition:
show version inactive

view hardware configuration:
show hardware

ping a remote device:
utils network ping [ip address or hostname]

traceroute to a remote device:
utils network traceroute [ip address or hostname]

upgrade the software:
utils system upgrade initiate

list the installed MOH files:
file list activelog /mohprep

download MOH files to SFTP server:
file get activelog /mohprep/[filename]